An Introduction to the NJACSH

What is the NJACSH?

The Advisory Council is a non-profit, public-interest organization whose members include unions, employees, petitioners' attorneys, petitioners' doctors and citizens concerned with worker safety and health issues.

The Council states as its mission, "To work to assure that the State's Workers Compensation system provides adequate compensation and a judicial system that assures due process to the workers."

NJACSH supports improving work place safety in order to reduce worker injuries and deaths and opposes efforts to reduce the stability and fairness of our State's Workers' Compensation system.


As you know, at the state and federal level, some insurance industry associations and employers are trying to reduce costs and increase profits by reducing benefits and protections to injured workers.

The Council works as a legislative watchdog to insure the stability and fairness of our States system in the legislature, the courts and the media through analytical research, public education, legal action, grass-roots lobbying and political pressure.

We enjoy a good working relationship with government representative in Trenton, both appointed and elected and routinely testify and present information to them.

Our efforts have been successful numerous times in previous years by repelling the AIA attempt to reform the Workers' Compensation system, Bechtel, etc.

This year (1996) we have already seen the increasing of medical witness fees, the reversal of a bill to exclude illegal aliens from compensation and the inclusion of a right to an attorney clause during a Workers' Compensation informal hearing.


For Membership Information Contact:

Hal English
Executive Director

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